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RedPlate Amplifiers are designed, built and tweaked for maximum clean singing harmonics. These all-tube and point-to-point hand assembled amplifiers are made for a lifetime of pristine tone, reliable service and the lowest noise floor possible. Every RedPlate is made to be usable, easy to set up but flexible enough for every situation. One of the hardest things is to be playing on stage (or anywhere) and all you are thinking about how you can tweak your amp to sound better. RedPlates are built to be easily set up and plugged in so all you focus can be on your playing. We want you to stand with confidence in any situation knowing that your RedPlate is going to deliver every time.

Each RedPlate offers features that make for an amp that is as flexible as it is beautiful sounding. From the 6-way Mode switch to the tonestack bypass, your RedPlate has features that provide a set-it-and-forget-it tone as well as an amp that is easily tweak-able to work in almost every musical situation.

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